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" 세심하게 준비된 다양한 디자인의 시리즈 용기들 !"

We offer full ranges of series bottles

depending on what you need !

All bottles are now available with PCR or PP

New York Series / N, NM, NW

Cylindrical shape

Available in volume(ml)/

10 ~ 250

Scandis series.jpg
NM series_rev.1.jpg
BT series.jpg
Athens series.jpg


NEW YORK Manhattan SERIES (NM & NW) 



The Latest News 

"e-Catalog downloading is available at Tech Support page."

PCR bottles_edit_편집본.jpg

Olive had introduced conceptual PCR & OWP Jar

and bottles at LUXEPACK 2019 on site and announced 

that all current existing GlassPolymer bottles can be replaced to PCR packaging within the year 2021.

Customers can now choose and get the material they wish to claim sustainable and environmental issues.

Olive Packaging is now providing PCR bottles not only the most clean and safe way to use PCR_PET, PCR_PP  but also satisfies the cost.

The amount of PCR contained in the bottle can be managed from 30% to 100% upon customer's demand.

올리브는 2019 Luxepack 뉴욕전시회에서 PCR & OWP 컨셉​의  친환경포장재를 전격적으로 선보였습니다. 올리브는 2021년 현재 보유중인 첨단기술과 장비를 이용하여 기존의 헤비블로우 전 모델들을 PCR소재로 가장 안전하고 코스트절감이 가능하도록 생산하고 있습니다. 

Olive's Super Fine Mist spray pumps have 3 different 

neck finishes (18,20,24) especially designed for facial products which requires very fine mist spraying. The sprayers also offer extremely long lasting performance 

like an aerosol.

Thick clear PET overcap with collar can be fully served 

by customer's demand such as frosted, UV lacquering

and vacuum metallizing, 

올리브는 국내외 고객들이 염원해 온 진정한 안개분사 미스트펌프를 개발 완료 하였습니다. 페이셜 미스트에 최적화되어 2.5배나 작은 입자를 안개 분사하며 특히 에어로졸 제품처럼 지속분사기능을 가진 고기능성 미스트스프레이 입니다.

Model : N100/S24F

Bottle : PCR_PP100% contained

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