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2007  - Established and set up a machine only for GlassPolymer heavy bottles.


2008  - Applied a patent application for heavy blow and started to produce

           GlassPolymer heavy bottles.


2009  - Launched New York Series as basic standard and to launch Boston,   

 -2012  Sydney, Monaco series

2013  - Extend more capacity in each series, began exporting sales.


2014  - Started to Participate regularly to Cosmoprof exhibitions. (H.K, Bologna)

 -2015  Set-up new machine for multi layer blow bottles.

            ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified

           Launched own designed essence pumps. 


2015  - Launched the World's 1st. multi-layer GlassPolymer bottles by EBM.

            (* Vitamine C, SPF contained contents acceptable packaging)

2017  - Started to Participate regularly to LuxePack(New York, L.A)

          - Set-up ISBM machines(ASB) for mass productivity.

2018  - more ISBM machines added for PCR-PET production.

2020  - Frontier's HSBM machine installed at facility.

2021  - Exportation USD 500M achieved.

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